Today I'm launching my second crowdfunding campaign,, to promote a clean food technology called aquaponics.

The aim is to show how we can use an intensive growing method that is nonetheless sustainable (relying only on fish food and a small amount of energy to pump water and air in a closed loop system) to bring more food production into our local communities. The more we can meet our basic needs outside of global supply chains, the safer we'll all be.

One of my favourite themes on this blog over the years is how often the evolutionary pressures that operate on our social species are misinterpreted to justify agression and inequality. (How did we learn to talk? For love, of course!) There has never been a better time to remember that we're the pinnacle of evolutionary cooperation, and that faced with the terrors of The Age of Fear (as Chomsky calls it) we nonetheless have the power in our hands to progress beyond the current mire.

We can grow more social!

Please take a peek at, and pitch in if you can!

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