Can I still call this a Home Page?

Hamish Cunningham
Professor of Computer Science,
University of Sheffield, UK

Hi, I'm Hamish and I'm so old I can even remember the original home pages of the World Wide Web!

Forty-odd years ago I took a course in Computer Models of Mind at Sussex University, and one way or another I've been working on Artificial Intelligence, computing with human language and Information Retrieval ever since. I have been:

These days I am:

I used to hope that as time passed I would get older and wiser, but it seems that in fact I just get odder and wider. I believe that open source technology has a contribution to make to sustainability and resilience, and that political democracy is proving incapable of saving the environment due to our complete lack of economic democracy. If it isn't economically viable to save our planet, it can't be the planet that is wrong!