Monday 1st January 2007

What is Christianity? What sort of people are Christians? Clearly I'm one, as I live in a Christian country. My analysis of the current state of the doctrine is that occasionally dining on a small child, having a slice of aunty for lunch or sticking mother in the fridge for emergency snacking is quite reasonable.

Let me explain.

Apparently we're engaged in a clash of civilisations, a war between democracy and Islam, and Islam is a unified creed that defines all its members — from Barnsley British to Afghan peasant and a whole lot in between. Lots of terrible horrible scary people. Really nasty baddies. (Quick! Under the bed clothes!)

By clear implication as a Brit I must be a Christian, and I must be a dedicated proponent of our holy mission to civilise the world. By recent estimate that adds up to 650,000 Iraqi lives lost that would not have been lost if we hadn't invaded. Chewing on the odd baby here and there can't be that bad, can it?


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