Thursday 1st November 2001

The 'war' in Afghanistan (isn't a war supposed to have two sides? this is invasion) makes us all weaker, brings the end of humanity in some pitifull chemical or nuclear or ozone-holed catastrophe a little nearer. There is an easy way to end terrorism of the sort that downed the twin towers and murdered all those poor people:

  • flood Afghanistan with money to rebuild, de-mine, and stop starving;
  • stop supporting barbarous dictators like the Saudis;
  • force Israel to make peace with the people whose land they stole.

The bombing merely increases the ranks of the next generation of plane hijackers or anthrax distributors. Even the US military probably know this, in some form or other. So why do they act as they do, bringing us closer and closer to armageddon? Because to do otherwise, to act humanely, socially (and increase the strength of the human race) would also weaken the geo-political hegemony of US capitalism, weaken the profitability of the corporate machines whose fingers close ever tighter around the planet.


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